Collaboration between key financial partners secures working capital.

With an established business in the Alberta region, JMB Crushing is diversifying into new markets and regions and was seeking funding for general working capital purposes. The collaborative process between JMB Crushing, First West Capital and RBC Capital Markets, ensured funding was secured in order to enable the achievement of future plans set by management.

With over 30 years in the market, JMB Crushing Systems is one of the most experienced aggregate operations in Alberta. Producing and supplying aggregate for oil and gas companies, exploration and production, industrial projects and road construction. In 2011, JMB partnered with investment company Westward Partners to continue its growth strategy throughout Alberta.

As the company continues to grow and evolve, so do their focus, geographies and markets. JMB and Westward partners connected with First West Capital in order to secure funds for general working capital purposes. “Doing business with George and the First West Capital team was a good fit for us,” states Erik Tolzmann, Founder and Partner at Westward Partners.

Collaborative partnership

George Coon, First West Capital Regional Director, Northern Alberta worked collectively with the JMB team and Wayne Fraser, Director, Asset Based Lending at RBC Capital Markets.

“George took a proactive and collaborative approach by talking to the client and proposing they partner with RBC,” stated Wayne. “His holistic approach to the process was key to the success of the deal.”

“Strength in partnership is fundamental, we worked together with JMB’s senior financing partner, RBC, to provide the support needed,” stated George. “By working closely – JMB, First West Capital, and RBC Capital Markets, we were able to ensure a win-win-win outcome for all involved.”