Working with Owners & Management

You’ve worked hard to build your business and you’re invested in its continued success. Whether you are looking to expand, purchase your facility, or you’re ready to sell, First West Capital can provide financing solutions and expertise when conventional financing isn’t an option. We’re committed to guiding you and your business through the process and beyond, ensuring your business thrives.

We help clients with financing for:

Growth | Acquisitions | MBOs | Shareholder Buyouts | High Ratio Real State | Refinance

How we work with Owners & Management

Growing the business

We work collaboratively with you, your advisors and other key stakeholders to help you grow and strengthen your business.  While you handle strategy and oversee day-to-day operations, we add value by providing trusted financial and management advice and an additional layer of capital.

Buying a business

If you want to buy the business you work for through a Management Buyout (MBO), we can partner with you to provide the capital and expertise needed to complete the deal. We have financed many successful MBO’s and have experience in helping new ownership unleash their creative energy and new ideas. We can help you negotiate with the owner, structure the deal, arrange all the necessary financing, and continue to partner with you as your business grows.

If you already own a company and want to buy out a competitor or complementary business, we can help with capital and expertise to complete the acquisition.

Selling a business

As an owner, you might be considering retirement and selling your business. Your management team are often natural buyers since they have experience in managing the business and are motivated to succeed – ensuring employees and stakeholders are looked after. If you’re concerned management lack the financial resources to buy you out, we can help with flexible equity and debt solutions. This allows you to leave a sustainable legacy and obtain sufficient proceeds from the sale, as well as continue your involvement in the business in a manner that suits you.

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