You want to buy a business, shares, or assets of a competitor or complementary business, expand into a new market, and grow your company. We review the cash flow and prospects of the combined entities to determine your ability to service the facility. In addition, we can support the target company’s integration through recapitalization and refinance existing lenders and investors should they not be able to accommodate your new, larger business.

What we look for:

  • Experience, expertise and depth of knowledge in the sector
  • A reasonable purchase price and ability to service the facility
  • Equity contribution, assessed on the combined value of the acquirer and target
  • Potential synergies and complexities of the integration

Acquisition Valuation & Financing Example

In some cases, an acquisition can be completely financed with senior debt, subordinated debt, vendor take-back financing, mezzanine financing or preferred equity, without the need for fresh cash equity.

Acquisition Graph



Acquisitions Client Stories

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