You’re growing but can’t access sufficient conventional financing. So long as you can afford the debt, we can provide financing for research and development, product or market expansion, equipment, working capital and recapitalization of your balance sheet – to ensure your business keeps up with demand and growth plans.

What we look for:

  • High level of confidence from management that the business will continue to grow
  • Ability to finance the deal without growth, or validation of probable growth forecasts
  • Ability to execute on market demand

The Financing Landscape

  • Friends
  • Angels
  • Equity

    We provide preferred equity for emerging, high potential businesses that need more patient capital to grow.

    Available from

    First West Capital
  • Mezzanine

    Mezzanine finance can be used to grow your business, without excessive dilution, once you have strong revenue growth and you are close to- or just past- breakeven EBITDA.


    Available from

    First West Capital
  • Sub-debt

    Subordinated debt is useful for more mature, growing businesses. It does not require any equity dilution and is available once the business can fully service all loan payments.


    Available from

    First West Capital
  • Bank Debt



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Growth Client Stories

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