Key factors in executing a management buyout Nov 16, 2012

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If you’ve ever dreamed of buying out the owner of your company, running it the way you want and accumulating the profits from your efforts, you might be interested to know that many businesses in B.C. will change hands this way over the next five years, as we see the largest cohort of baby boomers reach the age of 65.

For owners of companies with sales of less than about $20 million, the notion of selling to the second in command is a viable option, so understanding its feasibility should be part of any succession plan. Continue Reading

Soul decisions: Why retiring business owners balk at the idea of selling their companies May 08, 2012

Popular media tell us the baby boomers are looking forward to retiring, playing golf and spending winters in Arizona. However, my experience with business owners is entirely different.

I had a client who wanted to buy a supplier. The merger would create tremendous synergies and provide capacity for future expansion. The vendors, a husband and wife, were in their late 60s, and after 30 years building the business, had admitted they were tired of running the day-to-day operations. They liked the idea of selling to my client because the companies were culturally similar, and their employees, including family, would be looked after. They also agreed the purchase price was fair. Continue Reading

The perfect match Apr 09, 2012

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Part 1: Finding the bank that’s right for your business

Who are the most important suppliers to your business?  Components manufacturers, employees, service providers? Certainly. But have you also considered that banks and credit unions supply a critical input to your business? You guessed it: money. Continue Reading