Outgrown your bank? Oct 29, 2013

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Part 4: Here’s how to identify when the relationship with your financial partner is no longer working

In the article The Perfect Match, we looked at the importance of choosing the right financial partner. But companies are like people—they can change, for better or worse. Are your financial partners growing alongside you or is the relationship stuck in a rut, with each annual review simply a roll over of the prior year’s facilities?  If you answer yes to two or more of the following questions, you may have outgrown your financial partner: Continue Reading

Why you should consider buying your building now Jul 22, 2013

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Buying the building you do business in, often called investing in owner-occupied real estate, can be a great long-term wealth accumulation strategy for business owners.

We have seen entrepreneurs make more after-tax dollars from their property than their business, despite spending 99% of their efforts on the business and very little on their real estate. But is now a good time to consider buying? Continue Reading

Keeping the flame alive Mar 24, 2013

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Part 3: Why managing your business’ relationship with the bank is so important

The deal is done and the loan is approved and funded so that must mean your work is done, right? Wrong! Funding the loan is just the beginning (the wedding so to speak) that signals the start of a marriage. In this long-term relationship, what does your lender want from you? Continue Reading

Careful balance Mar 18, 2013

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Part 2: Before you marry up your business with a bank, remember these four financing stages

Negotiating the actual financing is important when funding a business’ trajectory, but like a marriage, the deal itself only represents the beginning of the relationship. Continue Reading