Capital Insights: How lenders can handle quirky deals in a frothy market Nov 19, 2014


Heading into 2015, it’s safe to say that Canadian banks are open for business. According to the Bank of Canada’s Q3 2014 business lenders’ survey, bankers have once again confirmed that credit markets are robust and demand for credit among Canadian companies is high.

This is good news for commercial bankers who now have a wide range of lending tools at their disposal and the strong support of their credit rooms. Intense competition has lead to the return of high leverage and covenant light structures, but there is no substitute for good advice and sound structuring when it comes to winning business. This is particularly true in the case of quirky deals. Although required less often in this type of market, sub-debt and mezzanine financing remain useful tools in deals that feature unusual elements. Continue Reading

Capital Insights: How bankers can win more business and share of wallet Jul 07, 2014


Admit it; some of you believe that outside capital represents a competitive threat to your business. In fact, sub-debt can help you grow existing client relationships, attract new customers, manage portfolio risk and save time. Bankers are our best referral source and there are many benefits to building a win-win-win partnership.

Here are a few compelling reasons why sub-debt is a valuable tool for bankers. Continue Reading

Tapping the best sources of financing for your growing company Jul 02, 2014

Mezzanine financing does not require much, if any, ownership dilution and is more patient and forgiving than bank debt.

Once a business moves beyond the start up phase the challenge becomes how to finance growth, including product development, marketing and geographic expansion. Thankfully, during this stage of development there are various financing options that can provide non-dilutive and flexible solutions to take your business to the next level. Continue Reading