How to navigate a tough retail landscape Aug 16

Retail ecommerce

Canadian retailers are facing an uphill battle as they fight for market share in a competitive and changing industry. With continued store closures across Canada, retailers are urged to find ways to get in the game – or risk disappearing. Phil Lichtsztral, Partner at Richter Retail Consulting Services, discusses some of the causes and cures of the current retail landscape. Continue Reading

Trends in the M&A Market: Part I: Deal flow and valuations Feb 08

M&A Trends, David Hastie

In November 2016 First West Capital was involved in a panel discussion at ACG Capital Connection in Toronto addressing trends in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, which has seen an increase in activity. Transactions with an M&A component, such as strategic M&As, partner buyouts, management buyouts (MBOs) and leveraged buyouts (LBOs), have become favorable for sellers due to high valuation multiples – thanks to low interest rates and strong availability of capital from lenders and private equity firms. For strategic buyers, low organic growth rates and succession planning are driving increased M&A activity. Continue Reading

The Rise of the Consumer in China and What This Means for Western Canada Mar 03, 2016

The Chinese economy is slowing down. It is hardly alone – much of the world has experienced economic tumult and uncertainty over the last two years. In China’s case, the economy is undergoing a fundamental shift away from infrastructure and development to consumption-based growth, similar to what drives most advanced economies. The impact of this transition is being felt globally. The resource-dependent economies of Western Canada are being particularly hard hit, at least in the short term.

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A tale of the Alberta oilfields: How quickly can your business adapt during a downturn? Jun 12, 2015










The rapid decline of the price of crude oil over the last nine months has had a significant impact on the economy in Alberta and throughout Canada. We’ve all been affected by the decrease in the price of gas at the pump, the increasing Canadian dollar, and government and monetary policy. But there has been no greater affect than on the oil and gas industry in Alberta; they have had to make some important adaptations in order to manage during this downturn. Continue Reading